Blog 2/5/2023

Updates and BRAIN MUSH !

Oh god, how I haven't written in this in a while. Life sucked, but now I am content with the way that my life is heading. I am pretty sure I have severe anxiety, and I will start going to therapy twice as much as I usually do. This will sound really silly, but I am afraid of being murdered, abducted, or haunted. It is a genuine fear of mine that has interfered with my daily life. Ahh but okay moving on !!!! I am now in a relationship. I am very happy and secure in this relationship, as this person is the most understanding and sweet person on this earth. I have had some pretty bad encounters with people in the past (not all, but most!), so this is very crazy for me. It is very nice and refreshing to have someone who loves you just as much as you love them. I have some awesome Valentines things planned for her. I will not tell until after it happens, because there is a chance that she will read this and my secret will be revealed! (If you see this, I love you and will see you Friday!) Changing the subject, I am going to be an art major next year with a focus on art education. I am really excited for my future! I am going to an awesome school in the state I live in. Anyways, I hope that whoever sees this has an awesome day. You are worth it, and I love you. If you need to reach out to me, here is my Instagram Account!